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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kila for Gatoto

Ronan O Snodaigh of acclaimed Irish band Kila, will tonight play a fundraising gig in aid of Gatoto Community Primary School in Kenya at The Village, Wexford St, Dublin.

Tickets: 20 Euro
Doors open, 7.30pm

Gatoto is one of the partner schools of Suas.


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Cluster Bombs and the Portraits of Impact

It almost seems wrong to call Alison Locks’ photographs ‘beautiful’, but that they are. Poised, elegant, and respectful, they allow light itself to take on character, somehow giving the subjects room to be present in the images. What is not beautiful however is the subject matter itself. ‘What Remains’ is an exhibition detailing the impact of cluster bombs on the lives of people in counties affected. Working alongside filmmaker Chris Anderson, Locke travelled to nine countries to document and allow the camera to bear witness to the impact of cluster bombs, as part of Landmine Action, a UK based NGO’s campaign to ban the use of cluster bombs.

Speaking in Dublin at a conference on Human Rights imagery yesterday, Locke spoke about allowing injured individuals, through photography and film to ‘act as witness to their experience’, giving them ‘time and space’ to reflect on and communicate their suffering.

What results is a deeply moving portrayal of individuals, whose injuries have uprooted their lives.

Yesterday, also came the historic announcement from Dublin, that an international ban on cluster bombs has been agreed. The ban includes the use, production, stockpiling and transport of cluster munitions. However, some of the leading users of the munitions, US, Israel, Russia and China have not signed the deal. Campaigners say that the ban will however, send out a clear message the bombs are unacceptable.

‘What Remains’ will be on display in the Gallery of Photography in Dublin’s Temple Bar until May 31.


More on the campaign to ban cluster bombs can be found on:




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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Africa Day, Sunday 25th May.

Come join the celebrations of all things African in music, song, dance, sport and film.

Over the next few days all across the country parks and cinemas, theatre and football pitches will be with brought to life with the sights and sounds of Africa, as Ireland plays host to Africa Day celebrations.

Dublin Castle is centre stage on Sun 25th with music and guest appearances by leading Irish and African acts including: Mundy, Kila, Sinead O Connor, the Republic of Loose, The Discovery Gospel Choir, Stone & Jezreel.. and many more. If that gets too much you have a wander around the bazaar comprising of stands from Egypt to South Africa. And if that gets to much you can always head over to the IFI (Irish Film institute) for free screenings of African films. But before you go, be sure to pop over to the cultural corner in Dublin Castle’s coach house, where I will be taking portraits along with fellow photographer Al Higgins, for the 2008 1000 Family Album, hosted by Suas and Concern. The photos comprise part of a larger project initiated by photographer Uwe Ommer, who spent 4 years traveling the world to record images of 1000 families, celebrating the diversity of the faces and places he encountered along the way

And it is all free of charge.

For more information on Africa Day of see:

And for more information in the 1000 families exhibit see:

(Africa Day is supported by Irish Aid)

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gatoto Community Primary School on RTE

Gatoto Primary School, one of Suas’ partner schools in Nairobi, Kenya, will be featured on Far Away Up Close this coming Thursday (9th May), 10.45pm, RTE1, as part of a television series highlighting the role of Irish Aid overseas.

Betty Nyagoha, Gatoto’s head teacher, features prominently in the show. This is a rare chance to see this inspirational woman and school in action. Be sure to tune in!

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