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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some Updates

It has been a while, and this blog has been very silent. But life, thankfully, has not been silent. I am delighted to announce a few developments.


A book of my travels entitled 'One Wild Life- A journey to discover people who change our world', is due to be published in April 2009. The book will include extracts from this blog, full colour photographs and interview transcriptions selected from my travels. The Collin's Press are the publishers and I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with them to promote the stories in these wonderful social entrepreneurs. The book will be available nationwide in Ireland, and for purchase on the web. More updates soon...

Travels back to Uganda:

In July of this year, I returned to Uganda for a month, to revisit some of the social entrepreneurs I previously met, and also to do some further photography work. A series of those articles and images were published on SpunOut.ie

(Thanks to the Simon Cumbers Media Challenge Fund who supported this work)

Arising out of that trip, I had an opportunity also to spend time with Hospice Uganda- a palliative care organsiation whose work I first came across through my good friend, Dr. Ita Harnett. I spent two days with Hospice, photographing their work. The images, I am glad to report, are now being used to promote the great work of hospice, and an exhibition of images will be displayed at Hospice Africa Ireland’s launch in Dublin later this month.

(photos from my trip can be viewed on my flickr account here

New Social Entrepreneurs Awardees announced by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland:

The 2008 Annual Social Entrepreneur Ireland awards were announced last week in Dublin.
I continued my ‘WDYDWYD?’ series of portraits for SEI, which can be seen on the main page of their website and were displayed at the award ceremony.


Suas continues to grow and expand. I was involved in designing an exhibition to celebrate the work of the 2008 Suas volunteers, which was held in Dublin’s Royal College of Physicians. Taking ‘Education’ and ‘Partnership’ as the central themes, the exhibition incorporated elements of jigsaws, magnetic letters, blackboards to convey a sense of creating new educational pictures for Suas’ partners overseas through the work of the volunteer programme.

Relaunch and revamp.
Spring clean is coming late this year. But this blog and topics are undergoing some transformation… watch this space for further updates.

Until soon,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many Congratulations on all your wonderful work.

Am *really* looking forward to the book - know it will be as inspirational as you are.

Clare x

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