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Friday, May 26, 2006

Press Play- Jambo from Nairobi

The shift from ‘I plan to’ to ‘ I am doing’ has happened.
Venturing through the departure gates in Dublin airport, is venturing on a path I have chosen to take, which I planned for, which excites me. Funny when you visualise something for so long, and wham, bam, you press play and the film starts to roll.

Cue Nairobi- first port of call.

Of all the destinations en route, it is one which nerves and excites me in about equal measure. Nairobi, aka, Nairobbery. We’ve all heard the stories, and despite being here before, it is a place I am anxious about. Gut instinct tells me to be so. But the familiar settles also settles me. Arrival anxieties were quickly dispelled, when I was met at the airport by an old pal, Joseph Ngigi. Jovial and efficient, Joseph runs a small taxi company, and runs it exceptionally well. If you ever need a taxi driver in the city, he is your man! (I’ll post his contact details shortly). On the journey from the airport, we catch up with news. I tell him about my project, and already he is brimming with ideas and introductions he can make for me. The journey has only just begun, but is already taking on new dimensions and aspects, with two on the most essential ingredients; trust and connections.


Blogger Michaela said...

Welcome to Nairobi! Looking forward to meeting you on Monday. Stay safe :o)

10:28 a.m.

Blogger Africa Reporter said...

I'm loving your blog-keep it up;)
And Nairobi..ahhh, you are so lucky!

12:14 p.m.


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