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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'Because I can!'- Who is Frank Buckley?

I think it is fair to say that Frank Buckley is somewhat of a maverick. Growing up on the streets of Dublin (literally), he knew all to well that life on the margins was really like. With little experience of formal education or institutions, he learned to figure out things for himself. Normal rules and systems don’t really apply to his way of thinking!

Street life led him into some ‘interesting’ situations, but eventually, following a stint in rehab, he realised he had a choice- either live or die. He took the former and since has indeed been making the most of it.

Frank now runs an organisation called SARI (Sports Against Racism Ireland), which aims to promote intercultural understanding through sport.

Off all the interviews I have had so far, one of the most striking comments came from Frank. When I asked him why it is he does what he does, he said, ‘I do it because I can’, and then repeated, ‘I do it because I can’.

Simple as that.


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