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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Releasing Life's Potential- Who is Tara Cunningham?

(Tara Cunningham- Right, Jennifer Wetter- Left)

"You do it. You're Tara J. Liston. Go figure it out'’.
That was the reply Tara's fiancee, now husband, gave her when she asked, '‘Why doesn't anybody do something?'’.

So she did, and she certainly seems to be figuring it out.

The 'something' in question was the lack of speech language therapy services in Ireland. Tara’s response was to set up an organisation called Release (www.release.ie), which aims to provide holistic care and education to children with language difficulties, and also, critically, training to their families.

There were many interesting things about Tara’s story. One which impressed me the most was the fact that despite not having a background in Language Therapy, she still went ahead with setting up the organisation. She knew she had enough managerial, business and marketing experience to start and she trusted enough to find the right people along the way to fill in the gaps. One of those is Jennifer Wetter, a qualifed speech therapist from the States, who I also met the day I visited. There are so few speech therapists in Ireland, Tara was conscious not to deprive the Irish health care system of potential employees. So instead she looked Stateside to find a suitable candidate. Tara and Jen work as fuel and engine; and it is hard to really know which is which!

Tara is one to watch. Still in her early 30'’s, she is someone with huge vision, big plans, and the energy and ability to boot. Watch this space!

The link below provides a bit more information.


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