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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Going to School In India

Lisa Heydlauff went on her own journey a few years back, travelling around India for nine months with a photographer. Collecting stories. Collecting images. The initial product of the journey is a magnificent publication called ‘Going to School in India’, a story book for kids which portrays the journey of children across the country to school. Some travelling in rickshaws, some on boats, some walking long distances.

I say ‘initial’ publication because Going to School became more than just a book, but a movement creating ‘change media’ highlighting positive educational stories. Lisa has branched into documentary making, to promote the value of education, and produces local language books on ‘Going to School’, all the time not compromising on the design elements of the publication or product.

But it hasn’t been a smooth road. Convincing publishers. Securing distribution. Getting further finance to roll out the project. Growing the management team. Working with full time staff and freelancers. But they are growing. Next project involves promoting entrepreneurship to young people across India.

What excites me about Going to School is not just the quality of their products, but that they use media is used as a trigger for social action. The books are beautiful too.

Going to School can be purchased on Amazon


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