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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tackling Taboos

In far too many places the issue of Child Sexual Abuse is a taboo, and India is no exception. But through the efforts of a young team of courageous, dedicated changemakers the issue is getting raised and tackled. Vipin Thekkekalathil, Nancy Thomas, Vidya Reddy and Alankaar, set up Tulir (a tamil word meaning what comes after the bud), to do exactly that.

They run mass education and awareness campaigns; working in schools and with the media to get both policy and practice aligned, and confront the issue.

What struck me about them? Their youth. I first met up with Vipin. He is 26, set up Tulir two years ago, is skilled, confident, and whippet smart. Nancy is 25. She is all of the above.

Lacking grey hairs has been an issue at times. Not been taken seriously initially. People not believing that they could do it. But they stuck with it, didn’t let the commentary stop them, and now they are storming.

Thanks to Vipin too for his hospitality. I particularly liked the night tour of Chennai on the back of his motorbike.


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