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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Like the Stars Coming to the Earth

This is the way Om, a yogic taxi driver I had, described Diwali night. Diwali is one of the main festivals in India, and is particularly celebrated in Northern India. Delhi was no exception. The feeling of festivity was in the air all day. Houses were decked in garlands of bright orange flowers. Candles were lit across the city; along railings, up stairwells, in windows. The markets full of last minute shoppers.

Then, as dusk fell, the festivities took to the skies, as families lit masses of fireworks. Flashes of red, blue, white and green illuminated. Children ran around with firecrackers. Sweets were distributed. Offerings made to the Gods. Neighbours shared festive greetings, wishing each other happiness and health. I got to join in.

In a rickshaw on the way back to my hotel, the driver had to dodge flaring rockets, more firecrackers, and loud bangers. A colourful end to a colourful day. Wonderful!


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