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Friday, September 29, 2006

Balance, but not Validity.

‘You have balance, but you have no validity’.

This was said to me in all sincerity. Out of context, I could have been very offended. Given the situation however, I was thankful for the clarity. What am I on about? Mobile phone tariffs.

I’ve been learning a lot about since starting out on my travels. In each new country I buy a local SIM card and set myself up with a number. It means I’m more flexible, independent and can more easily get directions if I get lost on my way an interview. But at this stage, I could do a comparative study of operator arrangements across the continents. India is the most confusing to date. Numbers are sold on a regional basis. So when I bought my cards in Mumbai, it means when I travel out of there I am roaming, a convenient but more costly setup. Along with call credit, I also have to buy phone validity on a monthly basis, which keeps the card active. To get the SIM in the first place, I also had to present my passport, visa and have a passport photo at hand. Finally, when all was set up, and I got the number, I end up getting about five spam text messages and automated phone calls a day.

Oh well, it is all an education, and at least I am indeed, mobile.


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