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Friday, September 29, 2006

A Recommended Read

I have been engrossed and in love over the last while, with one and the same thing. A book by the name of Shantaram.

It is book which has changed the way I think, feel and act towards this country, and is one which I know I will internally carry with me for a very long time yet.
Written by Gregory David Roberts, an Aussie escaped convict, who ran to the streets of Mumbai for cover, it is a story which sweeps you immediately into the underbelly of the city, into the crime, into the slums, into the mafia and almost in contradiction, into the heart of what makes the place tick; the unrelenting, uninhibited spirit of the people, their resilience, grace and charm. It also takes you inside the dirt and shame of a Mumbai prison, where Roberts did time, and into Afghanistan, where he fought with the Mujahedeen, and ultimately into his love for a woman and the city.

Each page is littered with eloquent prose and snatches of wisdom.

For anyone who wants an insight into Mumbai, I can not recommend it enough. For anyone who just likes a good read, read it. And for anyone who wants to be swept away into another world, this is pretty much a guaranteed magic carpet.

Enjoy the ride.


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