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Sunday, September 17, 2006

And it all came crumbling down...

(Above, a group looking on in shock, just behind where the building had fallen).

Arriving back to the Meljol offices, in the city of Thane just north of Mumbai, a huge crowd had gathered, and dust was everywhere. The crowd was on edge and nervous, - understandably so, since the building directly in front of the Meljol offices had just ten minutes before... collapsed. All five storeys of it.

From what we were told, no one was inside at the time, but it was hard to really know. The fire brigade had arrived and were searching the rubble. The residents had been warned six months ago that it was likely to happen.

Apparently, this is a common occurrence in the city. The buildings are not maintained, and the city, literally, is crumbling.

Scary, very scary stuff.


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