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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Connectors and Connections

My meeting with Don Edkins was a great example of how social networks are so powerful, useful and interesting; and how I can do what I do.

I was introduced to Don by Kim Harte, a manager at Streetwires, who used to work with him at the production company, Day Zero. I was introduced to Kim by Patrick Schofield, who is the co-founder of Streetwires, and who I was staying with while in Cape Town. Patrick also introduced me to Marisa, a young talented woman, who is working with the filmmaker Nicky Newman. Marisa put me in touch with Nicky, who I interviewed.

It turns out that Nicky also directed one of Don Edkins films in the Steps project. Turns out also that Don knows the people I stayed with in Dar es Salaam, John and Louise Riber, well. Don has also put me in touch with a number of filmmakers in India, who I can meet up with while there and Nicky in turn has put me in touch with a network of women filmmakers around the world (IAWRT).

In a nice reciprocal twist of connections, I also met with a friend of Patrick’s, Micheala Howse, who is an incredible photographer and interested in getting into documentary making. So, because I have been fortunate to meet such people along the way, I now can put Micheala in touch with Nicky.

This world is so connected! I love it!


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