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Monday, August 28, 2006

Champion Hipsters

I went along to the Hip Hop Dance finals in Cape Town the other day.
One ‘word’, ‘WOW’. These kids have talent oozing out of every joint, muscle, tendon, fibre and sinew. They balance on their heads, their elbows, their hands, and at times it looked like they are balancing on their eyelashes. They balance on each other’s hands and heads, and possibly eyelashes. They flip, twist, swirl and morph themselves into near impossible positions. They look rather funky too.

Hundreds had gathered to watch, cheer and aspire. Here is a group of kids, (the youngest dancer looked about 7, the average about 17) who have to focus to achieve. These are athletes. There is no space for drugs and alcohol; it only dulls their speed.

There are gangs alright but they dance out their rivalries. Want to beat someone up? Well take the aggression to the dance floor. That is where the real winning takes place. Gun free, knife free zone.

Talent free? Very far from it. I’ll say it again. ‘WOW’.


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