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Monday, July 03, 2006

Diversion to the Falls

There is a 7m wide chasm in rock, where a river doesn’t just run through it- but gallops, surges and thrusts itself forward with an almighty burst of energy. Murchison Falls, in the North West of Uganda is where the Nile knocked every ounce of awe out of me. The noise thunders. The spray drenches. Rainbows hug the cliff edges, as sun and spray meet. This is gravity at its best.

The Falls themselves are nestled in 3840 square kilometres of National Park- part thickly forested, part savannah. The combination has given rise to a plethora of life- elephant, lions, giraffe, crocodile, hippo in abundance, kingfishers, warthog, bush buck…- and the odd tourist.

The sheer volume of natural life astounded me- but so too, the fact that in the middle of it all, the local community gathered, hooked up a satellite dish, connected a TV to a car battery.. and there you have it, England V Portugal, ‘middle of nowhere’ style.


Blogger Bev and Wil said...

Hi clare, a brilliant account of Murchison. I agree with you on every description - it's a fantastic place and to get the opportunity to watch the world cup, well that's Ugandan resourcefulness at it's best!!

9:31 p.m.


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