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Monday, June 12, 2006

Marabou's Stalking

‘Marabou Storks’- the name has an exotic, alluring appeal. In reality- NOT SO!
Marabou storks are huge scavenging birds, which linger around picnic tables in the vicinity of Lake Victoria. They have a wingspan longer than me, and look like they have come straight from the Jurassic period. Their heads resemble turkeys; their beaks, pelicans; and their antics, thieves.

Oddly, high in the sky, they could almost look graceful- up close they are anything but. I went to the lakeshore for a relaxing afternoon, and it transpired to be torture. You get the picture- the ugly picture!

Apologies to anyone who may be a fan, but I am very clear about which side of the fence I am on with these creatures; the side as far away as possible. And be sure to shut the gate after you please, trespassers will be prosecuted!


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