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Friday, June 02, 2006

Past the Flamingos, Westwards

Eldoret, in Western Kenya, is a busy, bustling spot. Noise blares from every angle. Matatus, the local small buses, gather and swarm. It was market day, and it seems likes the town population swelled with every Tom, Dick and Jacinta wanting to sell their wares. Eldoret also seems to be a gathering place for banks; they conjugate on every street corner, and the queues to some ran the entire street! Comparing them, I was not sure if length was an indicator of popularity or inefficiency. (If interested, Barclay’s won the ‘longest queue’ competition!)

The journey here was a good reintroduction to Africa transport. ‘Akamba’ bus services was my carrier. Billed as one of the upper market options, the fumes and soot that billowed from the exhaust, conveniently located just under my window, would suggest otherwise. If Kenya wants to clean up its air quality, it can start with that particular bus. As the hours went west, we made our way through the Rift Valley, and some incredible scenery to boot. The view which excited me most was seeing Lake Nakuru from a distance, with a ring of pink flamingos necklacing it’s shore. The countryside was so much greener than expected, part of it cultivated with maize; part of it not, leaving room for the Acacia trees to spread out their canopies.

Arriving just before sunset, I made my way to Lincoln hotel. Advertised as a ‘mid-range’ option, a polite way to describe it is ‘quirky’. Getting into bed last night, I rolled back the sheets to discover a used condom! Time to take out the sleeping bag!!.
But I have some very interesting interviews lined up here, so all worth it.


Blogger Robert said...

Amazing stuff Clare, I can't wait to read the next installment.
Robert, Cork Ireland

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