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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Never Again, Never Again

‘Never again’.

After the Holocaust.

After Cambodia.

After Bosnia.

After Rwanda…

And Sudan?

‘Never again’ are words which Mark Hanis wants to stick this time round with Sudan. But 400,000 people have already died in Darfur, and the lessons of history are not sticking.

However, Mark and the team believe that something can be done. He himself is a result of genocide survival. His four grandparent, all Jewish, survived the Holocaust, and this belief in hope and optimism led him to set up the Genocide Intervention Network while still at college student.

The network works through primarily rallying political support, putting the issue on the agenda- and keeping it there. He believes that by creating a movement of people who keep saying ‘Never again’, and saying it enough times and in enough ways, that the message will start to stick. But more than that, the network also raises funds for African peacekeeping troops in Darfur and has an education campaign to widen public awareness about what is happening in Sudan. Their website also hosts ‘ten things you can do’ to play your part in saying ‘Never again’.

His advice to young people? Simply; Get Political.

Mark was awarded an Echoing Green fellowship for his work last year. You can read more about him here

What to play your part? Check out:


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