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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Inspire Inspiring

Inspire aim to do exactly what it says on the tin. Inspire.

Started up over ten years ago by Jack Heath, a former speech writer for the Prime Minister, the organisation has expanded to three core programme areas and a growing, vibrant team. I met up with Kelly Betts who runs ActNow, one of those three initiatives, while passing through Sydney. ActNow is an online web service which links volunteering or community involvement activities with young people. It also hosts stories from people who have got involved, each recounting what impact action has had on their lives. Its young people writing and supporting other young people, and ultimately about positive social change.

Kelly knows first hand what impact volunteering had on her. While doing a general economics degree in university she started to question whether she was ‘on the right track’. A stint as a volunteer in the Cook Islands after graduating shifted her thinking about her future, one which has led to the Inspire Foundation. To Kelly and Inspire, positive action can be captured in so many ways. It can be about environmental responsibility, asking difficult questions, raising issues among peers, even the act of voting.

Lauched in May 2006, ActNow has about 4000 new people checking out the site each day. Her vision is to make ActNow the first point of call for young people looking to find out more about social action.

ActNow are going big for 2007. With a huge music events marketing campaign planned, that vision may not be far off!


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